BCC International (1989) Company Limited
บริษัท บีซีซี อินเตอร์เนชั่นแนล (1989) จำกัด

We are sand and grit abrasive blasting specialist Wide range of special coating service Skilled and experienced workmanship

Sandblasting Grit/Abrasive Blasting
and Surface Coating Specialist

Welcome to BCC International (1989) Co., Ltd.
Ladlumkaew, Pathum Thani, Thailand

Surface Preparation Services.
Sandblasting, Grit/Abrasive Blasting
Surface Coating are our Expertises
You can rely on.

BCC Sanblasting / Abrasive Blasting

BCC International (1989) Company Limited (บริษัท บีซีซี อินเตอร์เนชั่นแนล (1989) จำกัด) was founded in 1989 with the registered capital of 5,000,000 Baht by a group of specialists in works of steel structure, stainless-steel and installation and maintenance of factory machinery.

Bcc Factory Ladlumkaew
The factory at Ladlumkaew, Pathum Thani

In the year of 2012, the company took over blasting and coating plant in Ladloomkaew District, Pathum Thani Province operating the sandblasting (sand blasting) grit and other materials abrasive blasting and wide range of coating on various kind of steel structural, steel pipe with factory equipment and facilities. The Method of Statement are under ISO Standard 8501-1 (see PDF document on ISO 8501-1).

Bcc Factory Inside
Inside the factory

We have blast chamber which use steel grit / copper slag as abrasive materials for steel cleaning. We have also small chamber to process other metals such as aluminium, stainless steel also wood which need special abrasive such as:

  • aluminium oxide
  • glass bead
  • silicon carbide
  • garnet

Bcc Coating
Coating in progress

Special coating are in our line of service by our skilled coater for chemical resistance, abrasion resistance etc., like:

  • Hi-solid Epoxy
  • Polymer Resin
  • Ceramic Polymer
  • Polysiloxane
  • Vinyl Ester

Our skills and experiences in surface treatment with our equipment and facilities are to satisfy all your industrial needs.

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Contact Tel  081 374 5672, 084 681 7171
Contact Fax  02 977 7755
Contact Email  bccblast@yahoo.com

Our Services

  • Blasting and Coating, Epoxy Lining, Polymer Lining, Polyurethane Coating
  • Corrosion Control Consulting and Supervision
  • Steel Structure Fabrication and Erection
  • Industrial-Engineering Maintenance
  • Machinery and Equipment Installation
  • Hot and Cold Insulation, Supply Material and Labour

Our surface preparation services
of sandblasting, grit/abrasive blasting
and surface coating are our services
offered with experienced and skilled workmanship.